Strange disease attack 2020 05 26

He had no choice and he knew very well that his whereabouts had been exposed. Soon, those "monsters" will come from all directions to him--no way! He looked around in panic, and suddenly saw the light of hope not far ahead.

Supermarket? There was a supermarket open! There was a sudden jump in his heart--I'm saved!

He rushed over; the glass door of the supermarket was closed. he slammed into it, and at the same time raised the pistol on his waist to face the people waiting in line for payment, shouting: "Don't move!"

The situation was successfully controlled! The people in the supermarket were shocked, no one dared to act rashly. He glanced back hurriedly, knowing in his heart that precautions must be taken before the "monsters" chase them over! He pointed the tip of the gun to the male clerk by the door and yelled: "Close the door! Hurry, close the rolling door!"

"Okay, okay..." The male clerk went to the door and picked up an iron hook, hooked on the top iron rolling shutter door, and with a "crush", the rolling door drew down. It was locked up by a ground lock.

Almost at the same time, several police cars galloped up, just in time to witness the shutter door closing. In the car headed by, a young policeman driving a car slapped his thigh sadly: "Oh! Just one step too late!"

He asked a middle-aged policeman in a leather jacket sitting next to him: "Captain, the target escaped to the supermarket and forced the clerk to close the door. What should I do now?"

"Get off the car and talk." The detective captain ordered, pushing the door decisively.

The policemen in the police cars behind also got out of the cars and gathered around the captain. One of them asked for instructions: "Captain, do you want to shout inside?"

"Don't be hurry." The captain made a gesture and took out his mobile phone. "I will report to the chief first."

The detective captain took the phone and walked to the side to talk to the director. After briefly reporting the current situation, he listened carefully to the instructions given by the director. After a few minutes, he answered solemnly, "Okay, I see... I know!"

Putting down the phone, the criminal police captain said to his subordinates: "The Secretary just said that this time is a very special situation. The target we are tracking is not a certain suspect, but a patient who may be carrying a highly infectious virus. A doctor and three nurses are all infected without exception. In other words, the current infection rate is 100%, which is quite dangerous."

"What virus does he carry?" a policewoman asked.

The criminal police captain shook his head and said: "I don't know, it is said that it may be a new malignant virus. After being infected by this virus, there will be no physical discomfort, but mental disorders will appear. Specifically, when the infected are under certain hints or psychological influences, corresponding hallucinations and conjectures will occur..."

"In other words, there will be some mental illness?" the young policeman asked.

"It's almost what it means." The criminal police captain said, "and the chief said that the infected doctors and nurses will still influence each other, and the same imaginary picture will appear--normal mental patients don't do this."

"No wonder..." the policewoman recalled, "I wondered why he kept running away. Seeing our car chasing him behind, he was so scared and frightened that if we were some monsters."

"Captain, what shall we do now?" another policeman asked.

"The Secretary gave instructions just now, telling us to wait and watch the changes. As long as there is no one coming out, we should not disturb the people inside, not to say break in."

"Captain, that person can have a gun in his hand!" The young policeman reminded, "If we don't care about it, the people in the supermarket will be in danger!"

"I know, but this is a death order from above, we must obey." The captain looked stern. The young policeman looked at him suspiciously, as if he couldn't figure out why.

The captain turned his face to look at him slowly: "Don't you understand? The person carrying the virus fled to the supermarket. Most of the people there are now infected. And the method of transmission and treatment of this new virus have not been researched by medical experts yet. In other words, if we open the door of the supermarket and come into contact with anyone inside, then we will also become infected and spread to more people. The final situation will be even completely out of control."

"So, do you all understand?" The captain scanned all the men. "Our current task is not to do nothing, but to guard this small supermarket on the outskirts of the city 24 hours from now. Before getting further instructions from the superior, strictly prevent anyone from the supermarket from coming out. Once the situation changes, we must take appropriate measures. Simply put, the people in this supermarket are now quarantined. You all understand?"

"Yes, Sir!" a dozen subordinates responded in unison. Only the policewoman bit her lip and said, "Captain, did we do this... Didn't we abandon the people in the supermarket? What if the gunman runs out of control and shoots the people inside?"

The captain thought for a moment: "I think it should not be possible. Judging from the current situation, the purpose of the man holding a gun is to avoid us to hunt him down. Now he has escaped in, he should think it is safe inside. There is no reason to shoot the people in the supermarket."

The policewoman sighed anxiously: "It seems that people in the supermarket can only depend on themselves."

While they were talking, two ambulances drove over. A few doctors in white coats and seven or eight nurses got out of the car. The detective captain hurried forward and asked, "How is it, doctor? Do you know how to deal with this virus?"

A male doctor in the lead shook his head and said: "It's not so fast. The hospital experts are still studying. We came here to make some emergency preparations in advance. If someone comes out, we can only act randomly."

The detective captain nodded slightly and said, "It seems that your purpose is the same as ours, now..."

"Captain!" The policewoman suddenly exclaimed, "I heard the sound of unlocking in the supermarket, they seem to be coming out!"

"Quick!" The captain's expression changed, "Go ahead and stop them!" The doctor leading the team also ordered immediately, "Get masks, tranquilizers and infusion bottles ready, and go!"

More than a dozen people rushed towards the entrance of the supermarket. As soon as they reached the entrance, the rolling door "cracked" half a person's height. The two policemen in the front saw the male clerk squatting at the door with his back facing them, saying something to inside. At this moment, the two policemen suddenly had the same idea--their usual professional ethics prevented them from pushing this person back to the supermarket who was about to be out of danger alive! The two of them had eyesight and quick hands. They stretched out their hands almost at the same time, and suddenly pulled out the male clerk who was squatting by the door. It was just a moment, and the half-opening iron rolling shutter door collapsed again, and was locked by the ground lock.

The male clerk didn't see who was dragging him out. He was so scared that he let out heart-piercing screams, and struggled desperately, kicking his feet on the iron rolling door with a loud crash. He kicked and moved his feet and overturned a bottle of potion held by the female nurse closest to him. The dark red potion fell to the ground and slowly penetrated along the crack of the rolling door.

The police and the doctor at the door did not expect the male clerk to struggle so hard as if going crazy. But the person has been dragged out, and he cannot be sent in again. Several policemen rushed up and suppressed his hands and feet. The male doctor forced a mask on his face. Another female nurse hurriedly rolled up his sleeve and injected a sedative into the male clerk’s muscles. After a few minutes, he finally calmed down, closing his eyes as if falling asleep.

The stretcher was brought over. The male doctor ordered another doctor and two nurses: "Take him into the ambulance and go back to the hospital as soon as possible. Don't contact anyone on the way, and go directly to the isolation ward!"

Several medical staff followed suit. The police, doctors, and nurses who had experienced the dangerous situation just now all left the door, wiping the sweat from their foreheads. After waiting for more than ten minutes, everyone was relieved to see that there was no movement from the rolling door.

At this time, the detective captain seemed to think of something, and turned to the two young policemen who dragged the male clerk out, and said angrily: "It's too shameful! What's the problem with you two? I asked you to stop them from coming out, and you dragged people out! It's not bad, only one came out. But we've all been in physical contact with that person just now, what if we are also infected with the virus? What if the virus spreads out? Ah?"

The detective captain scolded the two young policemen not to say a word. After a while, seeing their innocent expressions, and it seemed that the task was really embarrassing, they couldn’t be blamed, the captain sighed secretly and turned back to the police car.

The policewoman walked to the car window and asked, "Captain, should we call the people in the supermarket, tell them the current situation, and tell them to stay calm?"

The detective captain straightened up from his seat: "By the way, you reminded me! Now ask someone to cut off the phone line outside the supermarket, and at the same time ask the relevant personnel to use the mobile phone shielding device to block all the mobile phone signals near the supermarket!"

The policewoman was puzzled: "Why, Captain?"

"Think about it, if people in the supermarket contact the outside world and learn about the current situation, that is, they have been infected with an unknown virus and are isolated without any treatment, will they stay inside willingly? Surely, they will do everything they can to get out! What should we do if the people in the supermarket come out like an escape? And we dare not contact them rashly! So, did you understand, we must now avoid them and the outside world from getting any contact--only expect them to be trapped inside and not figure out the situation, not dare to come out easily!"

"I see, Captain. I'll do it now." The policewoman nodded and left quickly.

The police, who had been stationed in front of the supermarket all night, heard a loud bang from the supermarket—it was clear that someone was hitting the iron rolling door inside. At the same time, it was accompanied by rough curses and calls for help. The young policeman said to the captain a little nervously: "It seems that they are a little uncomfortable."

"Just keep calm." The detective captain stared at the rolling door intently, "Pay close attention to their every move. If someone wants to force it out, use that if necessary."

The young policeman opened his mouth and glanced at the anesthesia guns in the police car.

"God, she finally stopped." The policewoman said, pinching her forehead sadly. "If the woman keeps beating like this, I won't be able to stand it anymore. If this goes on, I will become nervous."

"From the afternoon to now, she should be tired." The young policeman said to the policewoman, "You are also tired. Go to the car and sleep for a while."

"Why don't you take a break?"

"I just squinted in the car for a while--well, this mission takes day and night. If we don't take turns to rest, we will all collapse in the end."

"Okay, then I'll go to the car and sleep for a while." The policewoman was about to get into the police car, raising her eyes to see a dilapidated freight tricycle on the road ahead approaching here. It was unknown whether the motorcycle had a problem with the engine or the cargo was overweight, and the entire fuselage made a harsh, unpleasant roar. In the silent night, this huge noise sounds like the roar of a wild animal. As it slowly drove towards this side, the roar of the tattered motorcycle became louder and closer. The policewoman couldn't help frowning and plugging her ears: "What kind of rotten car! It must not be allowed into the city, and it is only allowed to drive in this suburb."

The young policeman stared at the direction of the tricycle: "It seems to be coming to this supermarket."

"Go, let's stop it and ask, don't let it come near here. This earth-shattering noise may disturb people in the supermarket."

The young policeman nodded and hurried forward with the policewoman and stopped the tricycle on the road ahead.

The policewoman showed the driver her police card and asked, "What are you doing here with this rotten motorcycle in the middle of the night?"

The driver of the motorcycle was a middle-aged man who looked honest and friendly. He also saw several police cars and ambulances surrounded by the supermarket, apparently, he had never seen such a battle. He opened his eyes wide, and answered the question, "Police officer, what happened here...?"

"We asked you what did you come here for?" the young policeman emphasized.

"I... I am responsible for delivering goods to this supermarket. I used to deliver goods at this time." The driver asked cautiously, "Why, officer, is there any problem?"

The policewoman said to him: "I'm telling you that this supermarket has been temporarily blocked for some special reason. You should drive the car back now, and don't come to deliver goods during this time--and the exhaust and the noise level of your rotten car are severely exceeded, and you can no longer use it. If I catch you driving this broken tricycle next time, I will immediately notify the traffic police to pick up your car. Did you hear that?"

"Yes, yes, yes... I know!" The driver nodded hurriedly, and drove the tricycle to turn around and drove back. The two police officers had to endure the huge roar of the broken motor again and witnessed it moving further and further away.

A policeman hurried over and said: "Captain, I heard the sound of an electric drill coming from the door of the supermarket. Probably the people inside are trying to break the door!"

The detective captain stood up from his chair: "Electric drill? Is there still this thing in the supermarket?"

"This is terrible, Captain. If they use an electric drill to destroy the rolling door, they will probably break out in less than ten minutes!" said the young policeman.

The captain thought for a moment and ordered: "You guys, go find the external wires that connect to this supermarket and cut the wires!"

"Ah, power off?" one of the policemen asked hesitantly, "Wouldn’t this cause panic for those who don't know anything inside?"

"No way, if you don't do this to stop them, panic will soon occur outside." The detective captain broke the cigarette in his hand into two.

A silver-white car rushed in and stopped one or two hundred meters from the supermarket. Several police officers were going up to question the visitors. Two middle-aged people with anxious faces have walked down from that car, like a couple. They walked quickly to the nearest policemen and asked hurriedly, "Is my daughter in this supermarket?"

A square-faced police officer replied decisively: "Whether your daughter is inside or not, please leave immediately. You cannot stay here except the police and medical personnel."

"Why? Why are you keeping my daughter in here?" The middle-aged man in a suit is a hot temper, he sternly asked, "My daughter is not a prisoner, what right do you have to lock her up?"

The detective captain and the policewoman walked over together, and the captain asked, "What's the matter? Who are you?"

"We are the parents of a girl inside!" The man in suit pointed to the supermarket and said, "My daughter is in college in your city. I couldn't contact her the day before yesterday! I called the school to ask, the person in charge of the school unexpectedly told me, that my daughter came to this supermarket to buy things and was imprisoned by the police. She also said that my daughter might have contracted some disease—I have to ask you guys! What is going on?"

The detective captain patiently explained to them: "The person in charge of the school was not wrong. Your daughter probably came to this supermarket three days ago to buy things, and happened to meet a man with an unknown virus who was there. He entered the supermarket and closed the door forcibly. In other words, your daughter may have been infected by the virus. And now the experts in the hospital have not been able to develop effective methods to prevent and control this virus, so we temporarily isolate the supermarket to prevent the virus from spreading. I hope you can understand."

After hearing these words, the girl’s mother burst into tears: “My daughter is really infected with an unknown virus? Then if you lock her up inside, wouldn’t it be impossible to save her!”

The policewoman stepped forward and said, "Let me explain three points to you. First, according to what the doctor told us, people infected with this virus will not experience any physical discomfort, but will be affected mentally. So, you don’t have to be too anxious and worried; secondly, our team leader also told you just now that the experts in the hospital have not yet developed a cure for this disease, so even if we let her come out, we cannot treat her but spread the virus. Third, there are dozens of people who have been here, including supermarket owners and relatives of those in the supermarket. After they listened to our advice, they all said that they can understand and consider the behavior of the government. So, I hope that you can also support and cooperate with our work, okay?"

The policewoman's remarks are hard to refute emotionally and reasonably. But the girl’s mother was still crying and begging: “Police officer, we made a special trip to come here in a hurry. Even if we can’t see our daughter, let me talk to her through the door, okay? Just let me know that she’s fine. That’s enough."

The policewoman said embarrassingly: "I'm afraid that won't work. If you let her know that you are at the door, she will definitely... Well, I won't be able to tell you clearly for a while."

The girl's father suddenly yelled furiously: "This is not okay, that's not okay! I don't understand why I have to get your approval if I want to see my daughter!"

After saying this, he jerked away the two policemen in front of him and ran towards the supermarket door. Several policemen didn't expect him to be so irritable and impulsive, and they stood there for a while. The detective captain shouted: "Quickly stop him!" Several policemen recovered and hurriedly pursued them. But it was already half a beat. The man in the suit rushed so fast that he was already at the door of the supermarket. He punched his fist involuntarily and began to beat the door. After a few hard punches, he opened his mouth to call his daughter's name. Several police officers rushed up at this moment. A tall, burly policeman covered his mouth and hugged him and dragged him back. The man went crazy, his upper body was dragged away, and his lower body was still kicking the door with his feet. Several policemen took great pains to drag him a little further, but he did not stop, and he was still struggling to resist.

The detective captain really couldn't stand it anymore. He took out the electric baton from his waist, pressed the switch, and walked forward and aimed at the back of the man in the suit with a blow. The man yelled and passed out. The detective captain turned around angrily and said to the two policemen: "Drive him to the station! If he tries to make trouble again, he will be detained for obstructing official duties!"

The detective captain squinted his eyes and laid in the car. Through the window glass, he watched a white ambulance with the lights on. The detective captain instinctively felt that the arrival of this ambulance meant a certain change and end. He opened the door and walked out of the car.

The ambulance stopped very close to his police car, and almost before stopping the car, a middle-aged male doctor jumped out of the car. The captain could see that he was the male doctor who first talked to him. After staying here for two days, he went to the hospital, and now he was back. At this moment, he strode to the detective captain and said hurriedly: “Captain, the experts in our hospital have treated and observed several patients who were previously infected and the male clerk who was later sent to the hospital and finally came to a conclusion!"

The detective captain's eyes lit up: "What is it?"

The male doctor helped the spectacle frame a little, shook his head and sighed: "Oh, it's totally wrong... The guess and judgment that our hospital made before was totally wrong."

The detective captain looked at him, waiting for him to continue talking.

The male doctor looked down and thought, as if thinking about how to express it clearly. After a while, he raised his head and said: "The man who broke into the supermarket was a patient who escaped from the mental hospital in our city. The reason why he was able to escape from the mental hospital, was that a doctor and three nurses who had been in contact with him had symptoms of different levels of psychosis at almost the same time, which led to lax nursing care. Captain, you know, although the cause of psychosis has not been clear until now, but obviously it is not transmitted through bacteria, that is to say, mental illness is not contagious. But in this case, how to explain the situation that the four medical staff and the patient had psychotic symptoms at the same time? Therefore, the experts in our hospital thought another possibility which is a new concept proposed internationally--the theory of viral infection."

The male doctor paused for a while, and then said: “The theory of the viral infection theory is that mental illness is also caused by a certain virus. It’s just that this statement currently lacks actual evidence, so it is not authoritative, but this incident can’t help us but wonder--is there really a contagious mental illness virus in this man? Based on this consideration, the hospital attaches great importance to it. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, it is through the government that you are required to be detained here for temporary isolation. This supermarket. But after observing and treating the current patients, we found that we were in the wrong direction--the sick man is not carrying some virus at all, but has a very serious induced delusional disorder!"

The detective captain's eyes straightened, and he asked dumbly: " Induced delusional disorder? What do you mean?"

"This is not a new concept. Simply put, a person with induced delusional disorder is like a disease spreader. He (she) can transmit mental illness to normal people under the influence of certain factors." The male doctor gestured and said, "Let’s say it this way, when a person with induced delusional disorder has a certain kind of imagination, if they come into contact with normal people, they will often describe and instill their own assumptions as real to the people around them, and their expressions, movements and the language is very provocative and suggestive. If the people come into contact with are of good psychological quality, they may not be affected; but if they are not psychologically prepared, are frightened, and are in a special environment, under these circumstances, there is a high possibility that they will be psychologically cued, resulting in the same psychiatric symptoms as that person. Moreover, past cases indicate that the younger the person is, the more likely it he(she) to be affected, and severe mental disorders may even occur. The emotional tension of the person, coupled with the effects of self and mutual suggestion, will lead to collective hysteria attacks..."

"Wait a minute," the detective captain frowned and interrupted the male doctor. "We have isolated these people in this supermarket. Wouldn't it be a perfect environment to provide them suggesting and influencing each other?"

The male doctor wiped the cold sweat on his forehead: "This is indeed caused by our misjudgment... This is a serious and terrible mistake. I later learned that this man who escaped into the supermarket was the most malignantly influential patient with induced delusional disorder encountered by the psychiatric hospital, so even professional medical staff have been infected... In fact, if we send all the people in the supermarket to the hospital on the day of the incident and separated them, they probably won't have any problems; but now, all the people in the supermarket have probably became secondary to induced delusional disorder... But fortunately, this disease can be cured, and there will be no danger to life."

"Really...?" The detective captain lowered his head, looking in a daze, "Maybe if they were isolated and treated separately from the beginning, there will be no danger to their lives..."

The male doctor did not hear clearly: "Captain, what did you say?"

The detective captain slowly raised his head and looked at the male doctor: "The research results you brought may be too late for the people in the supermarket. You have been away for two days and don’t know what happened in the past two days... …"

The male doctor stared at him blankly: "What happened...?"

The detective captain said with a sad expression: "Last night from 10 to 11 o'clock, we heard three gunshots from the supermarket--doctor, do you still think these people are not life-threatening?"

The male doctor stood there dumbfounded; his whole body stiffened from the cold.

At this moment, all the police and medical staff, including the two of them, heard crazy beats from the supermarket. A deafening sound of hammers hitting the rolling door seemed to be knocking directly in their hearts.

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