ZoesLife1 2020 05 06

Hey, I´m Zoe.

I was 4 years old when it happened. My Dad was on the way to work he, always drove on a long country road. He left at 9.00 am and at 10.30 am we received a call from a gentleman named Dr. Bernard. We left immediately. When we arrived we were told to use the elevator to the 3rd floor. When we were in the elevator and pressed the 3rd-floor button my mom and I saw that this was the intensive care unit. We were then in Dad´s room and when we got there it piped loudly. His heart stopped and well, he died.

Now, I´m 12 years old. My mom Leyla just has a new boyfriend called Ben. He is so friendly and I´m glad that my mom can laugh again.

4 months later

My mom and Ben wanted to get married. I was so exited but two days before the wedding I got so sick. I had to keep on vomitting and I had bad nosebleeds while vomitting. The night before the wedding my mom drove me to the hospital. They took me in and did a lot of tests and they found out that I had cancer, blood cancer: leukemia.

I was in the hospital for weeks. But today was a special day, I was allowed to get up, go out into the hall, into the canteen and move around freely. I was just on the way to the canteen when I saw a boy called Max. It was a strange feeling like a spark when we touched.

4 years later

Max is super cute. We are together. :)

My mom and Ben are married and my mom is pregnant. Uiiii.

Anonymous author (7th grade)