Magical mirror 2019 05 23

When I turned around, I couldn’t see anything. It was very dark but soon my eyes got used to the darkness. I saw a man, probably the person who saved me and Alex. He was small and chubby. He turned to us and said: “Follow me.” We followed him into a long tunnel. When we reached the end, we were in a small room. It was dirty and smelling badly. He turned to us again and looked at Alex. ”You can’t just bring a girl to me who is being chased by those people, Alex!” Alex rolled his eyes and said annoyed: “I’m sorry it was a bit complicated so ...“ The man interrupted him: “Yeah, yeah, whatever. So, kiddo where you from?” he asked me. I replied awkwardly: “Well, I’m actually from another universe. We wanted to ask you if you could possibly help us to get me back home, uhm ...“ “I’m Jake. Now, since you don’t give me any other choice, Alex, I’m going to help you both. If you want to go back home, I’m gonna show you something.” He went and got a map of this place. “So, we are here.” He pointed to a location. “You have to return to your home, Alex. Near your house is a pond. To return to your home, kiddo, you have to touch the surface of the pond while thinking of your home or anything you wanna go to. Here’s a path that’ll lead you to the location.” He showed us the path on the map. “It’ll take around 3 hours to ride to the location, so it’s faster than the road you took.” “Thank you, Jake.”, said Alex and turned to me. “We should go now or else those men are going to find us.” I nodded in agreement and we bid goodbye to Jake before following the path and riding back to the pond.

On the way outside we saw the men approaching once again and fled to our horses. We took off as fast as possible and were a lot ahead of the men. We rode back as fast as possible and made it back in only less than two and a half hours. We ran to the pond and stood in front of it. I stared at the surface once again. “What are you waiting for? We don’t have much time.” I nodded and got into the water, my head still over the surface. I sighed and turned to him with a sad look. “Look, the time I was here was very exciting. A lot of running, riding and other troubles. But what affected me most was the time I spent with you. I’m gonna miss you a lot, Alex.” He knelt down and looked down. “I’m gonna miss you too.” “So, what will happen if those men find you?” He sighed and looked at me. “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be in prison or something else.” I looked at him and he caressed my cheek. “Promise me we’ll see each other again, Alex.” I said as I set out. He wiped my tears away and kissed my cheek and whispered “I promise.” I saw the men approaching from far away and looked at Alex worried. “You have to run now. They’re here. Just hide where they won’t find you. Goodbye, Alex.” We smiled one last time at each other before I plunged and thought about home. When I emerged, I opened my eyes and saw my home. I got out of the pond and heard the voice of my mother again. “Come eat dinner, honey!” I was surprised that I was basically just gone for a few minutes. I turned to the pond and smiled sadly. ‘One day we’ll meet again, Alex. One day.’ I thought.

Era Lynn und Anonyme Autorin