The visual summaries below surely speak for themselves. No doubt about that. But here's just that one tip: Take a closer look, there's a lot to discover! Thanks, Mrs Ruland and tutor group 10.3.

Visual summaries4 10 03 2021

Our visual summary is about pandemics and the impact they have on globalisation and the digital age and how it affects our lives in a positive and negative way. In our visual summary we showed how the digital age changed our lives and what advantages and disadvantages it may have. We came to the conclusion that the internet made our lives easier, since we can communicate with people around the globe and exchange important information quickly but it unfortunately also comes with many risks because it can be used for crimes like hacking, cyber bullying etc.

Samin and Maryam


Visual summaries 10 03 2021

The topic of our visual summary is “Immigration”. It includes reasons for immigration, positive and negative effects of it and the way other people treat immigrants.

Katharina and Dana


Visual summaries1 10 03 2021

The visual summary shows one of the topical problems of the 21 century in particular “Fast Fashion”. It results in the bad quality of clothes and poor working conditions. Moreover, the impact on the environment has drastic consequences.

Sienna, Sina and Luisa


Visual summaries2 10 03 2021

The visual summary is about pandemics and their impact on globalisation.

Samin and Maryam


Visual summaries3 10 03 2021

Our society is experiencing a great flood of false information, which results in the wide spread of fake news about covid pandemic. Our visual summary is devoted to this topic.

Sophie, Max und Tiago


Visual summaries5 10 03 2021

The visual summary is about the consequences of the digital age we are living in. Constant use of smart phones leads to addiction and results in other problems which are shown in the summary.

Sienna, Sina and Luisa