Young entrepreneurs 01 02 2021  Young entrepreneurs3 01 02 2021

Two of the logos designed by our young entrepreneurs

This last semester, the business English students of 10th grade have developed some innovative new products and services, which their promising start-up companies presented to open-minded investors in the reality TV show Shark Tank (the English language version of Die Höhle der Löwen).

Among these were: The company Multiworld with their product of a Multipen, an individualized pen with many different functions. When asked if this has a future in our digitalized world, they cleverly answered: "Writing on paper still feels good!" (We can see this with the new US President Joe Biden signing his first executive orders in the Oval Office with a pen on paper and not on a tablet!)

Young entrepreneurs1 01 02 2021

Another very promising product is the CormPad by the company HELT, a product which many students would have loved to have in their chilly classrooms during the cold Corona season: This product "solves the problem of being cold in winter and warm in summer". It can be adjusted to your clothing and regulated through an app and is nearly invisible due to it coming in all kinds of skin colors.

Young entrepreneurs6 01 02 2021

A third company presented an internet café called Surf and Schlürf. It promises organic food from local sources in a cozy atmosphere, even providing child care while parents surf the internet with the hardware provided. What a relief for stressed-out parents! But the target group are also students and other people wanting to meet outside of home.

Young entrepreneurs5 01 02 2021

The fourth company, Berry Bowls Ltd., would like to sell Acai Bowls and provide "a healthy alternative to McDonald's". They would sell from stores and even offer drive-thrus. There motto is: "Food is art". After having established their company on the Cologne market, they would like to expand to other cities around the world and offer special city bowls as for example the "Tokyo bowl".

Young entrepreneurs4 01 02 2021

The sharks (i.e. the investors) had very difficult decisions to take: How much money to invest into which of the four promising start-ups in exchange for a share in their companies. Let's reveal this much: Some companies were able to receive investments worth 450,000 euros! We will be looking forward to seeing those new products introduced to market soon!

Thanks to everybody involved in this project! You have done a great job!

Mrs Castor and class WE-GK1 (EF)